The advantage of dealing with Yea Music is our relationships and partnerships with Studio Managers, Vendors, Audio/Production Guru's and Session musicians.

How it works?

After our first initial call we will work with you to compile everything you need for a successful recording package.

When day #1 of your project hits all you need to do is relax and get ready to create.

In order to minimize your cost take please consider all our services and make note of everything you need for your outcome to be a success!

What makes us different from the rest?

Besides being songwriters and creative facilitators, we are results driven strategic planners. 

Forget about finding the right team of engineers and session musicians! Tell us what you need and we will find the right match for you. 

Forget about the worry of unforeseen costs and logistics. Yea Music is your production team and we want to see you focus on what's important. Your music! We'll handle the rest. 

Most importantly, we want to build a community, not just earn a client. 

Why are you a better option than calling the studio directly?

We partner with the studios and have long term booking relationships with them giving us leverage in negotiating bulk pricing.

We partner with the most easy working and talented engineers, producers and musicians in the industry whom are proven capable to create the best final product. 

We have deals with vendors, rental companies and even apartment complexes to work out package deals.

You will never get a "No" from us.

But remember, our aim is to provide the best prices in the market.

Our partnerships give you an advantage over just calling a studio and booking for yourself, but we do this by preparing a planned out package to minimize the cost