Sessions Musicians and Singers

Scott Koziol is dedicated, highly technical and brings a vast range of experience to any project in any genre. Scott was a temporary bassist for Linkin Park. He played bass for the song "One Step Closer" on the album Hybrid Theory and can also be seen in the MTV video for "One Step Closer". He also did several US tours with the Linkin Park including stops at The Roxy, The Whiskey, Avalon, Roseland(NY), Radio Shows, and others. Scott has collaborated with many artists, having also played with Kottonmouth Kings. Most recently he is leading his new band Patient Zero Alert

scott two

Tom Rasulo is a beast of a session drummer who currently working on several projects in the L.A. territory. He is the backbone for two great L.A. bands Before The Satellites and Japaeti. If you are looking for one of the most solid and progressive drummers to hit this city then this is your guy. 
Want some insider grooves and techniques then you MUST check out his YouTube Channel here

Tom Rasulo