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NRG is one of those recording spots that are just kick-ass. The history of the music recorded behind those walls speaks for itself.
Not only that, but this location is all inclusive in that you will find everything you need from guitars, vintage amps, drums and all maintained like new. NRG Recording is owned by the award winning, multi talented Jay Baumgardner, who is a top producer in Los Angeles, and has made NRG the ideal destination for all who wish to produce a top notch music recording. NRG is a top notch recording and mixing facility to some of the world’s best artists, having served in the success of hundreds of albums for over two decades ago. The best part, Jay Baumgardner is hands on in the design and technology decisions of the company which sets them apart from the competition. Rather than simply provide you with just a space to record your music project, they offer clients stellar facilities that encourage the creative process and offer you the ability to end up with a spectacular finished product that you can be proud of.

NRG Recording Studios

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This state of the art recording facility in the heart of Los Angeles offers top notch analog and digital audio production, including: composing, arranging, tracking, recording, and editing.

Not only does the studio provide the best engineers and audio experts in the industry, but you will not find another studio that includes the caliber of vintage instruments, BAE custom channel strips and microphones in one location. Forget about the extra cost of renting instruments and additional mics here. Plastic Dog Recording has all your needs met.

Plastic Dog Recording

You can't beat the acoustics and massive live rooms at Red Gate. Over 3000 sq. ft of space will give you the most comfortable, at home vibe in L.A. Insane selection of instruments and the Red Gate team can circuit bend any pedal or synth you need in house to get that custom sound you've been looking for.

Located in Eagle Rock this location is a must see!

Red Gate Recorders