NRG Recording Studios

NRG Studio A

Studio A at NRG Recording was designed by architects Studio Bau:ton, and is a 5000 square foot facility for the exclusive use of one client. It features a 30′x40′ live tracking room with cement walls and birch paneling, a 6,000 cubic foot control room with 12′ ceiling, 3 iso booths, a producers lounge (which doubles as a fourth iso booth), a Yamaha C-7 Concert grand piano with MIDI and Private Q individual headphone mixers. Studio A also features a spacious lounge with a full kitchen and dining area, widescreen HD DirecTV with surround sound, an Xbox 360 and a tournament pool table.

NRG_Studio 1_a

NRG Studio B

With a Moroccan motif, Studio B features a 30′x40′ live tracking room with a hand distressed walnut floor and 25′ ceilings. A 6,600 cubic foot control room with a 12′ ceiling and a floor to ceiling window that allows you to view the large mural in the live room. Studio B also features 2 iso booths, 2 amp rooms, a producers lounge, a Yamaha C7 Piano and balanced electrical power. The Studio B/C lounge has a pub like atmosphere with a mahogany bar, wide screen HD DirectTV with surround sound and an Xbox 360.

NRG studio 2_a

NRG Studio C

Architecturally styled Gothic Revival, Studio C is designed for mixing. Equipped with a custom Raven Black SSL 9000J and balanced electrical power, this studio is finished in carved oak. The 20 x 27 control room and the private 8 x 10 lounge/iso booth features vaulted ceilings and pointed arches to provide another unique creative environment.

NRG studio 3_a