Plastic Dog Recording

Colin Liebich leads the amazing team at Plastic Dog Recording. He is a specialist in analog production and ensures his arena is one of the most well equipped in the industry. Not only does the team at Plastic Dog provide the full scope of services including composing, arranging, tracking, recording, and editing, but they are also a driving force behind the push for the success of international artists in the Los Angeles ever changing music landscape. Most recently with a focus on the Costa Rican and Asia Pacific market.

If you want pro results then you need to deal with the best. Plastic Dog Recording is partners with the top audio companies and incorporates these tools in their setup in L.A.

Colin is a consultant to several producers in designing and implementing analog audio solutions. He is a product specialist for BAE, Avedis Audio, SBS Designs and Sterling Modular. If you want the specialized then go to the expert.

Gear List

Plastic Dog 2

Plastic Dog 1

Plastic Dog 3

Plastic Dog 4

Plastic Dog 5