Red Gate Recorders

The Team

Red Gate Recorders is not your typical space. The vibe and acoustic treatments here are unbeatable. Located on the outskirts of the Hollywood craziness this spot is for the artist who wants to escape into their own realm and be comfortable while doing so. Studio Manager Sam Darring will accommodate your every need and treat you like family. The in-house engineer Chris Harbach is a seasoned audio ninja, highly technical, and touring musician knows the setup from inside and out so no time is wasted when you are ready to roll.

Recording/ Mixing/ Mastering:

The 3,000 sq. foot studio is equipped with multiple isolation booths, acoustically-treated and designed by our in-house engineer Chris Harbach. Between their 337 sq. foot floated isolation booth, their 750 sq. foot live room, and their small isolation booth, all in direct view of the engineer, multitrack recording in full isolation is completely achievable. During the tracking process at Red Gate, we are already preparing your tracks for the next stage. They offer mix and mastering services as well.

Other Specialities:

Acoustic and Studio Design Consultations

We know in this day and age you are recording at home or in your studios right here in LA and Red Gate wants to assist you in getting the best possible recording/mixing environments you can have for your budget. Going online and buying acoustic treatments for your studio is not always a problem solver. We want to help you get exactly what you need to get the most out of your studio environment. We have partner companies that we have been working with for years that help us help you save some bucks and get the job done right. If your going to be serious about your music don’t slip on the science, let us help! Your music deserves it.

Patchbay Design:

Red Gate knows the science and art required to customize your studio wiring. Patchbays is their passion. Save your knees crawling around on the ground plunging in your gear during your sessions and get a pro setup built by people who care, design, and install. We use Mogami cable and make all kinds of custom setups to cater to your unique recording environment. Connecting all your gear together with like cable lengths and precise solder points does make a difference in assuring consistent signal level and audio clarity in the high fidelity audio environment we work in. Guaranteed you will be faster and more efficient in your studio once we design your setup and build you a beautiful patchbay from scratch.

Gear List